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What Does The Color On The Wire And Cable Mean?
Feb 02, 2018

We all know that there are different colors on the wires in the cable, what are these colors for? The following is the network of Copper Bridge Electric Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the cable above the color is to represent what the meaning.

Cable skin color cable conductor skin color rules

GB: yellow, green, red. Blue represents a. b. C. N

1 according to the wire color marking circuit

1. 1 Black: Internal wiring of installation and equipment.

1. 2 Brown: The positive pole of the DC circuit.

1. 3 Red: Three-phase circuit and C phase;

The collector electrode of a semiconductor transistor;

The cathode of a semiconductor diode, rectifier diode, or controllable silicon tube.

1. 4 Yellow: Phase A of three-phase circuit;

The base of semiconductor transistor;

Controllable silicon tube and bidirectional SCR tube control pole.

1. 5 green: Phase B of the three phases circuit.

1. 6 Blue: Cathode of the DC circuit;

Emitter of semiconductor transistor;

Anode for semiconductor diodes, rectifier diodes or SCR tubes.

1. 7 Light blue: Three-phase circuit of 0 or neutral line;

The grounding centerline of the DC circuit.

1. 8 White: Two-way SCR tube main electrode;

A semiconductor circuit with no color specified.

1. 9 Yellow and green Two-color (each color width of about 15~100 mm alternating);

1. 10 Red and Black parallel: AC circuit connected by dual conductor or twisted pair.

2 According to the circuit selection of wire color

2. 1 AC three-phase circuit

A phase: yellow;

b phase: Green;

C phase: red;

0 line or neutral line, light blue;

Safety grounding wire: yellow and green.

2. 2 AC circuit with dual conductor or double stranded wire: red black parallel.

2. 3 DC Circuit

Cathode: Brown;

Cathode: blue;

Grounding centerline: light blue.

2. The semiconductor transistor of the 4 semiconductor circuit

Collector: red;

Base pole: yellow;

Emitter: Blue.

Semiconductor diodes and rectifier diodes

Anode: blue;

Cathode: Red.

Controllable Silicon Tube

Anode: blue;

Control pole: yellow;

Cathode: Red.

Bidirectional SCR Tube

Control pole: yellow;

Main electrode: White.

2. 5 the entire installation and equipment of the internal wiring generally recommended: black;

Semiconductor circuit: white;

When there is confusion: allow the selection of the specified color (such as: orange, violet, gray, green, blue, rose, etc.).

2. 6 specific color, in a wire, if there are two or more of the color can be labeled, depending on the specific situation of the circuit, according to the circuit needs to express a certain meaning to color.

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