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Measures of preventing transmission line from wearing wire
Mar 28, 2018

In the past 66kV and above transmission line construction, often encountered individual conductors in the construction of various causes of wear and tear, need to deal with, for the construction caused inconvenience.

According to the previous experience of transmission line construction, the following paper summarizes the research and methods of the wire abrasion prevention measures in construction. The problem of transmission line conductor Wear is frequently occurred in the previous 66kV line, this problem is the key item of construction quality acceptance, and will affect the future operation of the line. So how to avoid the wear of wire in the process of transmission line construction is an urgent problem to be studied and solved.

In this paper, through the past experience in engineering construction, the wire is prone to wear and abrasion prevention measures to summarize.

1 conductor wear during handling and transportation

  It is easy to wear in the process of loading and unloading and abrasion prevention measures: 1.1 wire spool deformation, spool board loss, the outer protective layer of spool off.

  Take measures: before loading and unloading, the need for appearance inspection.

  1.2 Spools roll, flip, and collide with each other in a transport vehicle.

  Take measures: The transportation process in the line under the shaft and other anchorage measures to ensure that the spool can not roll flip, and ensure that the spool should be placed, can not be inverted horizontally.

  1.3 The method of hoisting conductor is improper during loading and unloading. Take measures: The use of crane hoisting wire spool, light light, no collision, and the length of the sling should be appropriate to avoid the axle by the sling extrusion deformation.

Note whether there is damage to the side plate of the spool, timely treatment to prevent abrasion of the wire.

2 wire wear during wire discharge

  The wear-resistance and abrasion-resistant measures of the conductor in the process of tension stringing:

  2.1 The wire is rubbed with the spool car.

  Take measures: In the process of putting the line, at any time to send someone to watch the spool, found that there is friction at any time to change the direction of the spool cart or soft pad to take the measures.

  When the 2.2 conductor changes the shaft, the snake sheath and the conductor contact damage.

Take measures: Snake skin to check its quality before use, to see if there are easy to scratch the hard material, and in the use of light handle.

   "2.3 Wire line in the process and put the line across the material friction."

  Take measures: Before the tension line construction, must calculate the frame line tension, to ensure that the span and span distance, in the calculation can not guarantee the friction of the case, you need to take such as: the next wire lifting measures.

  2.4 The wire is rubbed with the traction rope and the guiding rope. Measures to be taken: the display of wire and guide rope, traction rope should avoid friction, scheduled display order.

  To determine that the conductor display and guide rope, Traction rope and the release of tension to maintain the contact with each other, send a special person in the process of putting the line in each tower to monitor the process.

  2.5 Traction plate and so on, such as Zhang Ta line wear resistance. Take measures: resistance to Zhang Ta on both sides of the larger, double pulley should not be high suspension. In order to ensure the force of a float, it is necessary to pay attention to its meaning, positioning and the length of the cable-sleeve connection, according to the high difference, the gear distance, tension and the number of rotation angle calculation after the construction. If the resistance Zhang Ta rise, can be on the ground according to the corner size, upside down one or two pulley. Put, tight line construction adjustment conductor tension to smooth to prevent impact, the process of placing the line strictly monitor the situation.

  Find Money in detail check the quality of the rotary connector, rotational flexibility degree.

  2.6 Lifting operation, traction rope and wire friction, wire mutual grinding, release line wire rope, takeoff when the conductor in the pulley and other processes wear lead. Take measures: Launch should be based on the direction of the wire after takeoff, the first rise in the distant wire and in turn, to prevent the traction rope or the poor collision between the wires.

  Release to Xi ' an rope application of soft rope and to prevent friction between the wire and the rope, before the launch of the press should be based on the cross across the ground, as far as possible to reduce the length of wire rest line, so that after the launch of the wire to maintain safe clearance distance.

  2.7 Wire ground Anchor line part and the work equipment between the wear.

  Measures to be taken: the use of wear-resistant measures between the wire and the equipment, such as anchor wire in the process of anchor Line steel anchor, temporary anchor rope, card wire device using glue treatment, wire sleeve hose.

  2.8 Conductor and ground contact wear.

Take measures: the ground before the wire before landing should be laid color strip cloth, straw mat, sheet protection and isolation facilities, protect the wire is not directly contact with the ground, and in the bottom of the cushion to leave the ground and set up special protection.

3 Wear of wire during installation of accessories

  3.1 Wire Lifting tool and conductor wear.

  Measures to be taken: use of the lifting rope and hook with adhesive, hook and wire contact length greater than 50mm. 3.2 Spacer Rod During the installation of wire wear.

Spacer rod installation process in the installation of wire hose, the speed should not be too fast, to smooth and uniform progress, speed downhill process of the brakes in accordance with the pace of use, over the suspension of the two-line clamp operation, in the valve out of the entrance of the wire on the installation of the line hose.

4 Conclusion The protection against abrasion of wire is a long-term research project with the development of new technology and application. With the current energy consumption is excessive, resources gradually tense environment, our transmission and transformation projects should adapt to the environment, in understanding the new science and technology, the premise of improving the wire anti-wear measures to ensure construction quality, save resources.

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