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The problem of ultrafine crusher
May 13, 2018

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of the development of China's large health industry. The application of ultra-micro-pulverization technology of traditional Chinese medicines has enriched the traditional concoctions of traditional Chinese medicine and brought new vitality to the production and development of traditional Chinese medicine.


In the pharmaceutical production process, the smashing of herbs is a common procedure, but during the smashing process, the ingredients and pharmacological effects of the drug should be preserved as much as possible. For many precious Chinese herbal medicines, the use of an ultrafine crusher can make the drug effect better. However, there are still many problems with the ultrafine pulverizers of Chinese herbal medicines, such as the problems of unsusceptibility to stress, failure of medicinal materials due to high temperature, poor wall-breaking effect, and high use cost.


According to people in the industry, at present, the ultrafine crushers for Chinese herbal medicines on the Chinese market mainly have the following problems:


"Hammer hit cotton"


Most of the Chinese herbal medicines are plants. They have a wide variety of species and vary in nature. A considerable portion of them are rich in fiber and lighter in weight. They are less susceptible to mechanical forces in the crushing machinery. Users often have “hammer hammering cotton”. Feelings of emotion.


"Absolutely counterproductive"


Due to the fact that most herbs have active ingredients, there is a high requirement for temperature during the crushing process. If producers only pursue the impact caused by the high rotation speed, the temperature in the crushing space is too high, and the medicine is likely to fail. This has become a "preferred" effect.


The author was informed that according to the original mechanical equipment smashing method is relatively simple, and there is a disadvantage of high energy consumption, low output, high temperature, Jie Yee Na developed a low energy consumption, high yield, can avoid the lack of active ingredients of herbs Mechanical equipment. Solved the dust and temperature rise and other issues.


"It's so good."


It is understood that the cell diameter of Chinese herbal medicines is generally between 10 and 50 micrometers, and some of them reach 70 micrometers, so they are crushed to two or three hundred orders, and only some of the cells begin to break walls, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the efficacy of the broken walls, It is appropriate to set the bottom line of fineness to about 500 mesh (25 microns in diameter).


However, at present, the general ultrafine pulverizers on the market are difficult to meet the above requirements for Chinese herbal medicines. Therefore, in the aspect of broken wall crushing technology, there is still room for improvement in China's ultrafine pulverizers.


"Can't have both fish and bear's paw"


According to reports, when the current general ultrafine pulverizer is applied to Chinese herbal medicines, if it is desired to pursue a better crushing effect, it needs to be repeatedly pulverized and cannot achieve a good production efficiency or cost. It can be said that "fish and bear's paws cannot be combined." Got." But is there any new technology that can break through this layer of conflict and achieve both good crushing and production efficiency?


According to relevant statistics, in 2017, the size of China's large-scale healthcare industry market grew by 21.1% year-on-year to reach RMB 1,750 billion. The total output value of the Chinese medicine industry accounts for about one-third of the total industrial output value of the entire pharmaceutical industry, reaching 844.2 billion yuan. By 2020, the annual average compound annual growth rate of the Chinese medicine major health industry will remain at 20%, exceeding 3 trillion yuan.


The entry of the Chinese medicine industry into the fast-growing channel will promote the development of related traditional Chinese medicine equipment, and will also bring more opportunities and challenges to domestic ultrafine crusher equipment. Although there are still many problems with the current ultrafine crusher, the author believes that with the development of the broken crushing technology in China and the continuous research and efforts of the crusher manufacturers, the day to achieve both fish and bear's paw is not It will be very far away!

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