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Secret weapon for healthy snacks
May 09, 2018

How to give snacks more health attributes


In the past, people only occasionally consumed snacks between meals, but now, consumers' dietary habits are changing with the times. Snacks are no longer merely optional products. It has become the focus of more and more consumers' lives. Once the warm-field show has now become the highlight. In an era where almost everyone enjoys snacks, the definition of snacks has become broader, and people's demand for snacks has also become more nutritionally healthy.


How to make snacks healthy! Dr. Qu Min from DuPont Nutrition & Health Greater China Marketing Manager (Baking & Chinese Food) will talk about the current situation of snacks in the 2018 FBIC event and analyze the status quo of the snack market with "high frequency of consumption, large profit margins, and raging performance". Analyze the relationship between "big health trends" and "consumption escalation" and the snack market, so as to open the future legend of "snacks" and reveal the secret weapon that gives snacks "more healthy attributes".


Let us look forward to how DuPont nutrition and health rely on high-tech ingredients such as probiotics, soy protein, and water-soluble dietary fiber, and use innovative technologies to make healthy snack foods a reality, and to build a Chinese snack market all the more.


Does transparent protein water make you feel at first sight?


In 017, China's functional beverage market sales are expected to exceed 50 billion yuan, and by 2019 it will reach 70 billion yuan. This fast-growing market derives on the one hand from the rapid increase in the number of people involved in fitness activities and on the other from the young consumers' openness to health and new concept products.


In the raging functional beverage market, protein water has gradually emerged in the European and American markets with its clear appearance, refreshing taste, natural and pristine temperament and excellent nutritional value. Low calorie, high protein, zero sugar, zero fat, easy to absorb is its most prominent nutritional characteristics.


For Chinese consumers who are accustomed to thick-tasting dairy drinks and amino acid + vitamin energy drinks, protein and water have the dual advantages of both near-water beverages and protein drinks. Then, how can transparent protein water make Chinese people feel at first sight? Based on protein water, can more derivative complex functional beverages be derived? Mei-li Chiang, the technical manager of raw materials from Fonterra NZMP, will bring you exciting sharing during the 2018FBIC event.


Digestive Health 2.0: Fermentation & Probiotics,


Assisting in the growth of plant-based, fruit and vegetable juices


According to the global food, beverage and health trend released by New Nutrition Business for three consecutive years, digestive health has become the number one mainstream trend. The fermentation process and the strengthening of probiotics not only brought rapid growth to the dairy industry, but also penetrated into various food fields such as beverages and baking.


At present, dairy substitutes are growing at a rate of more than 20%. In 2018, the global market is expected to reach 16.3 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the fastest growing category in the world. How to build a Chinese plant-based fermentation star product, select suitable strains, and ferment plant products such as soybeans, coconuts, walnuts, and oats to obtain similar taste and texture to traditional fermented dairy products, and to provide improved intestinal health for consumers More choices, while solving the problem of consumer lactose intolerance. Lassel Vigel Joergensen, global marketing manager of Cohan Hanson's Food Bacteria and Enzymes, will bring you the perfect solution to share.


Today, juice/fruit and vegetable juice as the second largest beverage category is facing a slowdown or even a slight decline. Major companies are focusing on the fermentation process and the strengthening of probiotics, and inject new growth points into the product through health upgrades. Han Han, Application Technology Manager of Hanson China, will discuss with you how to solve various pain points and difficulties faced in the process of product upgrade in fermented juice, fruit and vegetable juices.


This piece is derived from natural leaves


—Study on the natural and health value of stevia


The "natural" keyword has already run through all aspects of our lives and has become a consumer trend. People have already crossed the demand for the availability of goods and low prices, and they are willing to pay for emotions, atmosphere, health, environmental protection and better quality of life. At the same time, consumption upgrades also stimulated more brands to start thinking about transition.


In the food and beverage industry, the demand for pure natural ingredients and formulas is increasing day by day, and the raw materials for sweet additives are also being iteratively upgraded. As modern people pay more attention to healthy diet, many low-sugar and low-calorie products quickly occupy the market share. Brands also gradually move from artificial sweeteners to natural, zero-calorie natural sweeteners.


Among them, natural stevia sugar has become a priority for many companies due to its health, 0 calories, and a taste that is highly similar to sucrose. Dr Khor Geok Lin, Consultant of the Spectris Cellular Stevia Association and Professor Emeritus of the University of Putra Malaysia (UPM), will share the latest research progress on natural leaf and stevia from natural and health value perspectives.


Milk Quality Creativity Tour


Awaken memories and emotions with senses


What should be a yoghurt to put it down? The ta in front of the shelf is looking for a kind of yogurt? health? Fun to enjoy? ....... Are these unspeakable feelings and needs satisfied?


Like the taste, flavor and appearance of the taste, the texture characteristics of the product also play a crucial role in the overall perception and evaluation of the product. This is why dairy developers must be as familiar with the product's texture characteristics as professionals, and need to combine the texture characteristics of the product to bring innovation to the current dairy products, giving it the ability to live a new life.


Cargill launched a large number of consumer tests and sensory research on “milk quality and consumer sentiment”. In the 2018FBIC campaign, Liu Yi, Director of Strategic Pricing, Strategic Markets Asia Pacific, Cargill Starch Sugar and Thickening and Stabilization Business Unit, And Shi Yan, a senior sensory scientist in Asia Pacific for food ingredients and bio-industry, will share with you the first-hand insights.


Accelerating the incoming plot trend,


How to read new consumers and how to accept them?


In the just-concluded 2017 American Food Science and Technology Association (IFT), clean labels became a common topic for many food companies. From a strange name to being known by consumers and manufacturers, clean labels have gradually become the development guideline for food companies from the trend. As China's consumption continues to escalate, clean labels also face the challenge of product upgrades.


What is the clean label in the minds of consumers in the new era, how does the construction innovation win consumers' favor, and how can manufacturers upgrade the clean label products? Yiruian, as a leader in cleaning labels, will help you find the key to implement clean labels and achieve rapid product upgrades. Zhang Ran, natural ingredients market manager from Yi Ruian, will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what the new era of consumers think.

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