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Requirements for the selection of wire and cable for electrical equipment
Mar 01, 2018

1 Range

This standard stipulates the rated voltage 450v/750v and the following PVC (and other materials) insulation, sheath wire and cable selection requirements.

This standard is used in the selection of materials for cable design.

Normative reference Documents

GB/T 2681-1981 electrical equipment in the wiring of the color

GB 4943-2001 Security of Information technology equipment (eqv IEC 60,950:1999)

GB 5023.1~5023.7-1997 rated voltage 450/750v and the following PVC insulated cable (IDT IEC 227-1:1993)

GB 7947-1997 conductor color or digital ID (IDT IEC 446:1989)

Terminology and Definitions

The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.

Oxygen Index

It means that the minimum oxygen content required for stable combustion in the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen under the specified conditions is a method to evaluate the combustion performance of the material.

2 basic characteristics of wire and cable

2.1 Electrical Properties

Conductive properties: Conductive wire core resistance (DC resistance of the conductor), load flow.

Electrical insulation Performance: insulation resistance, voltage resistance characteristics.

2.2 Mechanical Properties

Refers to tensile strength, elongation, bending, elasticity, softness, vibration resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance.

2.3 Thermal Performance

Refers to the product heat-resistant grade, operating temperature, cable heating and heat dissipation characteristics, load current short-circuit and overload capacity, thermal deformation of synthetic materials and heat shock, the thermal expansion of materials and impregnation or coating material dripping performance.

2.4 Corrosion and weather resistance

Refers to the electrochemical corrosion resistance, biological and bacterial erosion, chemical resistance (oil, acid, alkali, chemical solvents, etc.) erosion, salt spray, resistance to daylight, cold, mildew and moisture-proof performance.

2.5 Aging Performance

The ability of a product and its constituent materials to retain its original properties under the action of Mechanical (force) stress, electrical stress, thermal stress and various other external factors, or external climatic conditions.

2.6 Other performance

Including the characteristics of the material (such as the hardness of metal materials, creep, the compatibility of polymer materials) and the product of certain special use characteristics (such as flame retardant, etc.).

3 Wire and cable selection

3.1 Wire and cable selection requirements

3.1.1 Selection should fully understand the variety of wire and cable specifications, structure and performance characteristics, to ensure the use of product performance and prolong the service life. Electric wire and cable with high temperature resistance, cold, different softness, and shielding performance, must be reasonably chosen according to the conditions of use.

The selection of 3.1.2 wire and cable should also be connected with the use of the connector, the whole machine reasonable wiring design, in the wiring design of wire and cable, should try to avoid all kinds of external damage and interference factors (mechanical, thermal, lightning, electricity and other factors) or take corresponding protective measures. For the laying of distance, bit difference, fixed way and spacing, connector connector form and performance, configuration, and other line equipment, and so on, must be carefully studied, correctly designed to ensure the reliable use of wire and cable.

3.2 Selection elements of wire and cable

Selection of cable must be based on the performance of the cable and the use of conditions to determine the cable elements, according to the elements to select the cable. For general purpose cables, the elements listed in table 1 must be considered.

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